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Kitchen sink faucet
May 4, 2022

How to Install Kitchen Faucets Canada

How to Install Kitchen Faucets Canada

Whether you need to install a new kitchen faucet because the one you have is not working any longer or you just want to upgrade the look of your faucets, installing one is relatively easy. It will all depend on how much of a do-it-yourselfer you are and the tools you have available. Find out how to install kitchen faucets Canada and see for yourself whether it's a project that you feel you can tackle on your own.

Purchasing the New Kitchen Sink Faucet

Before you get to the installation you'll need to make sure that you buy the right faucet. You don't want to buy cheap faucets since they can come with plastic parts and valves and seals that tend to wear down very quickly. Choose a high quality kitchen sink faucet that you know you'll be able to depend on for years. 

Modern Kitchen Faucets

There are a number of modern kitchen faucets on the market that will add a stunning new look to your kitchen. You don't need to worry about the fit if you choose modern kitchen faucets since they come with the same types of fittings as the traditional ones. Simply choose the one that looks the best to you and then get ready to start the installation.

It's Time to Prep the Area

Make sure that you have a flashlight handy and you may want to consider getting a pillow to place under your back or your neck while you're working. You'll also require some old towels and a shallow pan that will be used to catch any dripping water. Remove everything from the cabinet beneath the sink and then shut off the water supply at the supply valves. Turn the valves clockwise and test to make sure that there is no more water flowing through the kitchen sink faucet.

Disconnect the Supply Lines

You'll see supply lines that run down from the kitchen sink faucet to both the cold and hot valves. There is a threaded nut that needs to be removed using an adjustable wrench. While you are loosening these lines make sure that you hold the water pipe tightly at the same time. 

Remove the Supply Line Connections to the Kitchen Faucets Canada

Take out the old connections that are connected to the cold and hot valves. You can use either a basin wrench or a sink and faucet installer multipurpose tool to remove the connections. You'll be taking off the nut that connects the sprayer hose and the diverter. Once all of the water lines have been disconnected you can remove the hardware that mounts it.

Take out the Old Faucet

The kitchen sink faucet that you have currently installed is connected to the cabinet with hardware. Remove all of this hardware in order to take out the faucet. It should lift out quite easily. Clean the area around the faucet and then get ready to install the new one.

Install the New Faucet

The first thing you'll need to do is install the kitchen faucets Canada using the mounting hardware that comes with the faucets. Next you will be connecting the flush and water supply lines to the corresponding valves. Each nut will need to be screwed on first by hand and then tightened using an adjustable wrench.

Once the installation has been done it's time to test things out. Turn the water supply back on and be sure to place the pan at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet to catch any water dripping if there are leaks. Watch to make sure that no water is dripping and if it is, it's time to look further to find out where it is coming from in order to correct the problem.

There are different types of faucets available so it's important to follow the instructions you receive when you get your new faucets. There are single handle faucets on the market, double handle faucets and faucets that come with a sprayer attachment. You may also want to take a look at a wall mount kitchen faucet since they are the newest modern design and look great in any kitchen.

Find out what your options are for kitchen faucets Canada now at You'll be amazed at the wide range available and you're sure to find the perfect type that enhances your current kitchen decor.

Kitchen faucets Canada
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