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Bathroom light fixtures

A Beginner's Guide to Bathroom Light Fixtures

If you're planning an upgrade for your bathroom, don't forget to choose the best lighting possible for it. The lighting can make or break the whole design of the bathroom so be sure to pay attention to this aspect of the refinishing project. Not only do they provide the illumination needed to do specific tasks but the lights can also be decorative in nature. The entire ambience of the bathroom will change from one bathroom light fixture to the next.

Bathroom Ceiling Light

Mounted on the ceiling, this light is often the foundation of the entire lighting in the bathroom. It will provide general illumination for the whole room. Once you have this in place you can add other specific lights in different areas where you would need more lighting or as a decorative accessory.

You'll have your choice of lights to choose from. Choose a simple pot light that is mounted directly into the ceiling for overall illumination and a minimalist appearance. Choose a small chandelier as a bathroom ceiling light when you want the fixture to be a focal point in the bathroom. The type of ceiling light you choose should be based not only on the amount of light you need but on the overall design of the room.

Modern Bathroom Fixtures

Modern bathroom fixtures have been trending across Canada for the last few years. These lights feature a minimalistic design, clean lines and a sleek appearance. They are often made of metal and glass while black has proven to be one of the most popular colours for modern bathroom fixtures.

Classic Bathroom Fixtures

When you want your bathroom to have a classic, refined look to it, choose traditional bathroom fixtures that are made of well-known materials such as brass and porcelain. These bathroom lights often have ornate designs and can be used to create a formal, traditional look. When you want your bathroom to have a feeling of nostalgia, consider classic bathroom fixtures first.

Green Bathroom Light Fixtures

There has been a growing trend in 2023 to bring the rooms in a house, including the bathroom, back to nature. If you are concerned about the environment and doing your part to preserve it, you can showcase your love for the earth in your bathroom with fixtures made from natural materials. Look for lights that are made of wood, stone, bamboo etc. when you want to create a country style or rustic ambiance.

Consider the Size Your Bathroom

When you're choosing the best lighting possible, consider the size of your bathroom to help determine the amount of lighting you'll need for it. A very small bathroom may only require one or two lights while a larger bathroom may need a number of fixtures in order to provide enough lighting in all areas. You may need smaller lights placed strategically in different areas in order to light up the room adequately.

Use Layers of Lighting

Start with the ceiling light to provide overall illumination to the entire room and then use layers to create the perfect atmosphere. Think of overhead lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. Mirrors with edge lighting provide a beautiful glow to the bathroom while providing enough lighting for putting on makeup, shaving and other tasks. Accent lighting such as sconces can be used in areas of the bathroom that don't have enough light. These accent lights may also provide adequate light in the middle of the night when individuals need to use the bathroom but don't want to confront any bright lights.

Use Dimmer Switches to Your Advantage

Control the amount of lighting in your bathroom with dimmer switches. Create a soft, relaxing atmosphere by turning down the dimmer for a shower or a bath. Turn the dimmer up as high as it can go when you're doing tasks, such as applying makeup, that require a lot of light.

Bathroom Light Fixtures Canada

Shop for bathroom light fixtures from a company that offers a variety of high-quality lighting options. The lights you choose will set the tone for your bathroom so take the time necessary to choose the best ones for the room. When you are renovating a bathroom you'll want the fixtures to highlight the best features of it once everything has been said and done.

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